A Vision for Our Future

A Pledge to the Forest Preserve and Our Planet

To preserve our forests and sustain our environment, we must have an ambitious plan and strong leadership to implement that plan.

With my commitment to our natural resources and my proven record of partnering across all levels of government, we can accomplish the following:

  • Plant and maintain thousands of new trees;
  • Develop a land acquisition program and, thru referendum, obtain approval from the DuPage County taxpayers to acquire critically needed open space;
  • Make a commitment to our Trail System:
    • Build and improve trails along the west and east branches of the DuPage River and Salt Creek;
    • Tie the trails with our east-west trails, local trails and Forest Preserve and Park District Trails;
  • Improve water quality in our lakes and streams;
  • Build wetlands;
  • Commit to making our recreational offerings accessible to people at all levels of disability;
  • Institute shared services programs with local governments to improve efficiency and save taxpayer dollars;
  • Prioritize a sustainability plan with the goal of making the Forest Preserve District carbon neutral;
  • Be a leading advocate, and engage in actions to mitigate the damage of climate change;
  • Partner with other environmental organizations to increase sustainability and lead DuPage County on all environmental issues;
  • Initiate zero-based budgeting to eliminate waste and allow the District to do more with our money;
  • Never raise taxes unless approved by the voters of DuPage County.